Monday, March 30, 2009

An Amazing Day

So, today started out as any other normal day! I got up, went to school, and took a test. But, today was different. Why? Because, one, it was the last day of school before spring break, and two because, it was the senior crawfish boil which I work every year. And every year the same man comes to boil the crawfish. Mr. Mike Hefner. Well, that is my cousin Layla's ex-boyfriends dad. Yes, that is a lot to follow!! But he was like family. Josh, Mr. Mike's son, was like a cousin to me. And for once, in about 2 years, he showed up at school to help his dad cook the crawfish!

That would be him. Hef! You see he plays in this band called Oh! Juliet, and I promised him (a loooooong time ago) that I would go see his show. I never have since then. So, today I made myself a promise. I promised myself that I would get closer with my family. Yes, Josh may not be blood related but, he is still considered family to me. He helped me to realize, who better to reach my family than me. I'm so glad that I got to see him today because, it reminded me that I love my family to death. They are what makes me, me! Thank you God for helpin me to realize that!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

G.D.O (girls day out)

FINALLY!!!! I'm havin a girls day out with one of my best friends. You see, Robin and I have been best friends for a while...prolly like two or three years by now. Well, we haven't had just a random girls day in FOREVER!! I mean, we'd go see movies after service almost the entire month of February and March, but we haven't just had a "girls day." So today is that distractions, no limits, NO BOYS!!! Even though we invited Pino to our girls day. We invited him to lunch at Chili's. But, hey, he can't come cause he has masters stuff to do. So, therefore, our girls day! haha.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wednesday never seemed so amazing!!

Wednesdays are just completely amazing to me. It signifies the middle of a long week and goin into the end of the week. And dude, this weekend i sgonna be a great one. Saturday especially. Saturday is one of our infamous "girls day". Two of my best friends and I are havin a girls day. I dunno what I would do without those two girls. Which two you ask? Geneva and Robin of course.

Geneva has been there with me since the start pretty much. She's been there through thick and thin and that's not just some cliche kinda crap. She really has. Since my cousin died to this very day. She's been through it all!!! We have had our ups and downs and turn arounds. It's just part of learnin who your true friends are. You can tell that your friend is a true friend when they are going through their own struggles and they still help you through yours. Geneva has been that person. Everytime things happen in my life, she's there to give words of advice and with wisdom beyond her years, I normally take it. She's definitly a beast. I am definitly grateful.

And then Robin. Can't forget Robin. She's, of course, my accountability partner. We have some of the dumbest inside jokes and some of the weirdest things that we do on impulse. It's just what we do. When times get tough. She cracks out the Bible and makes me realize the things that are the most important in my life. Not those petty boy problems or what so and so said about a church!! But it's whatever. She's always there to give me a laugh at the horrible "white girl ghetto" thing she does. She cracks me up. "Was that off the top of your head?" haha. good times.

I love my girls to death. They keep my head on my shoulders. There's more to come from my other friends. They're pretty beast, too! I can't forget my guys either.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2:Miserable...or so I thought.

First of all, lemme shout out a Happy Birthday, to one of my big brothers, Jeremiah!! Happy Birthday Lucious. haha.

So, today, I realize that rain makes you more miserable when you are already miserable enough. I don't know if I am the only person that thinks that way or has experienced it, but it's true. Yesterday, I was completely and utterly miserable. Why? Because, i missed my family. I live with my family,right? Yes, I do, but I grew up without one of the most important things a little girl should never miss, A father. It kinda didn't matter to me so much when i was younger, other than the fact that I missed a bunch of daddy-daughter stuff, but, other than that, I was completely fine. Now, as a seventeen year old, I crave that more than ever. But the good thing about havin a family at church, is that I have those kind of spiritual families. Cassie and Preston Blair have pretty much been that to me. They are completely amazing. Yes, I do get in trouble by them,too! But, that's what I've been looking for. Don't get me wrong. I absolutley love my momma. She's done so much for me in my life. She's the most amazing person in my life. Just being a girl without a father and that sense of a family bond between a mother and a father kinda bugs me. I am so greatful that I have this family in my life. It's like knowing my father was never gonna be there, God put a family in my life that would be that to me.

Also, Masters Commission. That is another reason that I fell in love with this program. This years Masters Commission has stolen my heart. haha. Yes, they have. They are completely amazing. This year of all years, they took the initiative to get into my life. They were the ones who wanted to get to know me and be part of my life. That's something I need in my life. And I am super thankful for the people who are in my life this year. They are completely amazing. Thanks Guys. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

6 Months...

So, there's this program that will be running my life in about 6 months. Ok, I say running my life, but i mean it will be my life. That's right. I'll be in Masters Commission. I'm completely pumped. I cannot wait. Too bad I feel like I'm not good enough to be in Masters. It's been my heart since the first year Pastor Shawn Marcell took over. He is my youth pastor and soon to be my XMC director. He's been someone who has always been completely and brutally honest with me. I've been around masters for about 5 years of my life and know a lot about the program. But, thats the funny thing about masters, you completely come out of your comfort zone. Even though I am in my comfort zone, I'll definitly be pulled out of it. There are a lot of people in masters commission that I've grown close to over the years and I am completely thankful for them. They tell me how it is. And that's what this blog will be about. My journey to masters where I will begin a 9 month journey with God to grow into my area of ministry and to be a disciple of him. There will be some highs and lows, but what's a life when you can't enjoy the highs and learn from the lows. Can't wait for Experience Week, 28 days til I experience the life of a masters student! Needless to say I am completely excited. An entire week to spend with my family that I will be living with for 9 months. Can't wait to see how I grow.